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Возраст: 25
График работы:неважно, договоримся

Tel. +380 (093) 604-00-69
Tel. +380 (050) 229-61-86
Address: Ukraine, Kiev
Date of birth: 25/03/1988
Marital Status: Single
Position: Junior Software Testing Engineer
Objective: For a long time I was thinking to change my career. And because I enjoy working in IT High Tech environment I took the Software testing courses. Now, I am confident that Tester is that type of profession, in which I want to grow as high-class specialist.
Education: University of modern knowledge, Kiev
Qualifications: Interpreter of foreign languages
Degree/Specialty: High education diploma 2010 year
Courses, Trainings, Certification:
I graduated the training course of the Knowledge Center “KONTAKT” specialty
Software Tester in October 2013 year. During the course I got the basics of
software testing in general. And applied my practical skills, which were focused to
strengthen the knowledge of testing. The following based skills were obtained:
Software testing concepts (both theory and practice included)
Understanding the modern concept of development software
Developing and reviewing of test documentation (test plans, test cases, defect reports)
Understanding of SDLC
Basic knowledge of: Agile and Scrum methodologies
Documenting problems that fail to meet requirements
Bug report-tracking system
Software product/program management concepts
Automated testing using Selenium
Test activities:
Functional testing, usability testing, UI testing, localization testing, compatibility testing, black box testing, grey box testing, manual testing, regression testing, beta testing, positive testing, negative testing, ad hoc testing.
Tools & technologies: HTML, CSS
Additional skills of work with programs: Selenium, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Joomla!, Adobe Photoshop CS3-5, Adobe Illustrator CS6, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD;
Full work experience from 2008 till 2013 – 6 years in Tourism
General description of job experiences:
Agency Network «Hot Tours»
Position: Senior Manager of Ticket Sales and Reservation Department.
Besides my main responsibilities I had experience In:
Web- testing of the company’s new site: http://www.hottours.ua.
Tour Operator «Travel Professional Group»
Position: Senior Development Manager of Sub-agency Network.
Besides the main responsibilities I had experience in:
Testing of quality Sub-agency Network.
English – upper-Intermediate
Russian – native
Ukrainian - native
Spanish – intermediate
Personal characteristics:
• Analytical and creative mindset
• Fast learner, hard-working
• Perform independent research and self-training
• Good communications skills
• Attention to details
• Ability to learn new technologies
Interests and Hobbies:
Sport, music, traveling, dancing.

Постоянный адрес объявления: http://itjob.net.ua/resumes/363.html

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