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Зарплата:1000 $
Возраст: 29
График работы:удаленная работа

Before offering anything, please read my website: http://diaryofrepetitions.com.

There you will see my vision of project management, management, estimating risks and deadlines etc.

If any problem repeats, I write it into a diary.
When I have time, I create a program that can do this for me.

I have dozens of VIM settings, a hundred bash functions, several ruby gems.

As a test task, I can take a repository (Rails 4+), and run my scripts in it.

In a minute I'll send a pull request that usually has a couple page-downs of fixes (style guide fixes for Ruby/JS/CSS - spaces, quotes, turning strings to symbols and HAML tags to helpers etc.).

This saves 5-15 minutes on every commit.
When a project has a thousand commits, and development lasts for a year, this saves up to 30% of project's budget (spent on features instead of syntax).

Rails 5/5
Web Architecture 5/5
Automation 5/5
Project Management 5/5
Corporate Strategy 5/5
Design 5/5
Blender 4/5

Founder (2016 - today)
Diary of Repetitions (http://diaryofrepetitions.com)
- Content.
- Back-end (Rails 5, SMTP, RSpec, Heroku).
- Design (composition, colors, fonts).
- Front-end (Bootstrap 4).
- Licensing (+ DMCA protection).
- 3D animation (Blender 2.79).
- SEO (meta tags & Schema.org).
- Google Analytics.

Ruby/Rails middle developer (remote, 2013 - 2016)
- Rails 4.
- SQL optimization (JOIN, moving complex calculations to Postgres level).
- Tests (RSpec + Capybara + Poltergeist + DB Cleaner + VCR - 100% coverage).
- Fragment Caching.
- Background jobs (Sidekiq).
- Refactoring.
- Presenters (Draper).
- View-models (Cells).
- Sub-domains.
- Authentication (Devise, OAuth).
- Integration of Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Vimeo.
- Authorization (user roles).
- Picture uploads (Carrierwave).
- Migrations in production (with tests).
- Credit-card processing.
- OOP tasks (encapsulation, STI etc.).
- Git (predicting/resolving conflicts, rebase etc.).
- Teamwork (Pivotal/Jira).
- Airbrake.
- Linux server setup through SSH.
- Front-end (AJAX forms, MagnificPopup, Google maps).

Founder, CTO (2011 - 2013)
New Media Strategy
- Project's architecture.
- Programming.
- Refactoring.
- SQL (Postgres, Firebird).
- Code standardization (TDD etc.).
- Prioritizing the features.
- Strategy.
- Predicting risks.
- Writing specifications for the parts of the system (for parts to be developed simultaneously).
- Hiring freelancers (programmers for Java and C tasks, a designer etc.).
- Testing the code to make sure it does what it should do.
- Design optimizations.
- Logistics (analyzing the required amount/power/speed of computers, Internet lines, hubs and other equipment).
- Setting up computers through TeamViewer.
- Solving some legal questions.

- Rails 3.
- RSpec + Capybara (100% test coverage).
- Heroku.
- Amazon S3.
- Bootstrap.
- Carrierwave.
- Sidekiq.
- Devise.
- Java.

Quality Assurance (PHP), Business Analyst (2009 - 2011)
- Finding developers.
- Turning a business plan into technical tasks.
- Translation (EN UK, spoken, written).
- Quality-assuring the website (PHP).
- Fixing bugs (PHP).
- Strategy (setting up a sales network, logistics).
- Cell phone fixing (everything from replacing spare parts to motherboard soldering).

Постоянный адрес объявления: http://itjob.net.ua/resumes/450.html

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