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Добавить в блокнотВерсия для печати Вакансия: Data Analyst - with a focus on BI / AI applications
Зарплата:600 $
Пол:не важно
Образование:нет / любое
График работы:удаленная работа

We have been in business since 2005 (Principal has 20 yrs experience) – exclusively serving High Net Worth individuals. Our business changes in 2018. Our objective is to use what we have learned helping those few wealthy families – automate those processes – allowing us to deliver the highest quality financial advice at a cost previously only available to the very rich.
Simply put – we understand the value of a good employee and the many costs of replacing one. When we find one – we want to keep them happy to be there. It’s important to us to show that appreciation through financial compensation and the way they are treated.

We are looking for:
• someone fluent in English;
• a problem solver with a computer background (Tasks will vary. So, it will be much more important to be good at many things - than to be a master of only one or two.);
• someone, who has not only excellent communications skills, but also can work with VBA, Excel (PowerPivot a Big +), Access/SQL databases, Tableau and has the ability to document the details of their work so it can benefit a team;
• someone, who has the desire and ability to confront a problem by analyzing all of the options for solving (or mitigating) it;
• and more important – is - being able to discuss strategies with others (with an eye for improvement) - then doing what is necessary to get the job done.

NB! Final-year students of universities and graduates without any hands-on experience are MORE than WELCOME to apply!

What we are offering:
• Part-time to start;
• Flexible Hours;
• 600$/month compensation;
• First pay review in 6 months;
• 30 days paid vacation – plus Ukrainian National Holidays!;
• Opportunities for growth.

If you feel like you are the one who we are looking for – please, send your CV to juliachornous@yahoo.com.

Постоянный адрес объявления: http://itjob.net.ua/vacancies/5109.html

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