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Зарплата:1000 $
Пол:не важно
График работы:удаленная работа

Full-Stack Node Developer (all levels)
​Salary from 1000$ - 3000$, depends on your level.
Who we are and what we do
Shaw and Partners is both software development provider to high-profile clients and an incubator for three SaaS startups.
Engineering at Shaw and Partners
We’re all here to serve each other. Each team is held in high regard, resulting in camaraderie and support. We also enjoy the freedom to test new technologies using POCs at appropriate intervals. This requires a balanced healthy mindset, supported from the top.
We offer
Work directly with high-profile customers and high-growth startups
Flexi-schedule (as long as deadlines and meetings are met)
Geographically distributed team
Fully remote work
15-30% above average pay for competitive local salary
Long-term employment with 20 working-days paid vacation; 

Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code
English (Fluency in reading and writing, spoken can be intermediate)
2+ years in digital product development on a team of engineers using NodeJS / ReactJS
Building backend API’s and user-centric customer frontends
Hate poorly structured, inefficient and unmaintainable code
Solid Computer Science fundamentals knowledge (algorithms, data structures, concurrency, etc.) — preferably a B.Sc. degree or equivalent in Computer Science or Software Engineering
Elastic Search, microservices architecture a plus
To apply (10 min)​
Please go to https://app.shawandpartners.com to fill out an application

We don't consider resumes that didn't apply form in our site!!!

Постоянный адрес объявления: http://itjob.net.ua/vacancies/5185.html

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